Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is Family and Consumer Sciences?

This is the first post on FACS of Our Lives so I felt it only appropriate to give a little background about the field of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Family and Consumer Sciences is the “Home Economics” of the 21st century. Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) used to be called “Home Economics” however along with the title of “Home Economics” comes quite a stigma…think June Cleaver.

As our families have changed since the 1960’s Home Economics no longer best described all that is encompassed within a family. It is at that time that Family and Consumer Sciences was born. FACS is a discipline that covers nutrition, parenting, family economics, consumerism, resource management, human development, interior design, clothing, fashion, and communication.

We have always known that running a family is the hardest job on earth, and Family and Consumer Sciences is the study of that all so important job! For a more detailed historical view of FACS please view the wikipedia description

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